Would I be an Inspiration if I Quit Smoking?

Sometimes you just need to take a closer look to find your motivation. You had absolutely no intention of letting something as small as a cigarette take control your life. You may fantasize about the day you are free from the chains. You may even be ready to turn that fantasy into reality and overcome your addiction. When you do, exciting things will happen. Here is that closer look.

Inspiration if I quit smoking.jpgYou Will Be an Inspiration

Your family will be proud of your accomplishments. Your friends will admire your resolve. The family and friends you left behind in a ring of smoke may even be a bit envious. Good. Your journey could be the success story that encourages them to break their own chains. That makes you their inspiration. Who doesn't want to inspire people?


You Will Be a Role Model

Children take notice of everything, even if we don’t want them to. You do not need to have any of your own to know that you could be influencing somebody’s children. When you quit smoking, when you walk down the street without puffing on a cigarette, there will be little eyes watching super-cool, cigarette-free you…not smoking. There is something special about you. Someone wants to be just like you when they grow up, and that image no longer includes a cigarette. You are a great role-model.

You Will Be a Hero

When you break your nicotine addiction, you will inspire others to break their own. When you no longer smoke you are showing other people in your life that it can be done. They believe they can quit because you are successful. You may even be able to offer some helpful advice along the way. When the people in your life also quit smoking because of your example, their health will improve. Their risk of smoking-related illness decreases and eventually fades away. Quitting saves lives. When people are inspired by your example, you have saved a life. When you save a life, you are a hero.

Hero Team.jpg

Quitting is heroic

We want to be your inspiration. We want to be your hero. At Quit Stop Now, we have already helped tens of thousands of Australians quit smoking and break their addiction to nicotine. We want to help smokers from all over the world quit smoking.

We want to help you. Download our checklist and see if you are ready to quit. The Quit Stop Now checklist could be your first step to finding an inspirational hero every time you see your own reflection.

Quit Smoking Checklist