When You Quit Smoking and break the addiction to Nicotine: The Little Things in Life

When you started smoking, you had no intention of becoming addicted to nicotine. It grabbed hold of you gradually, and now it won’t let go. You stop to enjoy little things in life. It is not your fault. Nicotine is a powerful drug.

When you are finally able to give up the cigarettes, when you get past the addiction, you will notice a few changes that confirm that your decision to quit was worth any temporary challenges.

Money for Other Purchases

You already know that cigarettes are expensive. You may have plans already made for the cash you will save. Good. Finances are a great motivator. There are many other benefits to breaking your cigarette habit that you might not have considered.

Your Home Will Smell Fresh

Even if you always smoke outdoors, the odor will be trapped in your clothes, jackets, hats, and gloves.  This is how the smell enters and stays trapped your home, particularly in the closets. When you smoke, you may not notice the ashtray aroma, but your family and your guests probably do.

Less Cleaning

If you do smoke in your home, when you quit, you will also notice that your television and windows stay much cleaner, so will the walls. There are no ashtrays to wash. You will have less dust and spend less time cleaning.
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You Will Accomplish More in a Day

Smoking makes it easy to procrastinate. Your body is now on a set schedule of taking breaks to feed the nicotine addiction. You may find that you revolve your activities around smoking breaks. When you no longer smoke, you free up that time to do more of the things you enjoy. You also lose the “I will do this after I smoke” routine. You will feel liberated.

You May Make New Friends

When you are at work, you probably go outside during your lunch and during breaks to accommodate your smoking habit. That’s normal. Most smokers do. When you quit, you don't have to go outside. You may spend more time talking with new people. You may not have gotten to know some of your coworkers who do not smoke. New alliances can be formed, and new friendships can blossom.

Less Mess

You will notice that your pockets or your handbag stay much cleaner. You won't be digging through the remains of cigarettes past. No more loose tobacco under your nails when searching through the contents. There is no more embarrassing tobacco mixed in with your change.
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No Need to Stay Supplied

You will not have to plan where and when to purchase cigarettes. You won't need to panic if you cannot find a lighter. There will be no more mandatory last minute stops on the way to work. You won't have to worry about having enough cigarettes to get through your day.

You Will Stay Warm and Dry

When you quit smoking, you don't have to stand outside in the rain or in the cold to satisfy your urge to smoke. Inclement weather won’t dampen your day, quite as much, if you don't need to experience the bad weather at regular intervals.


You will notice so many other benefits when you quit smoking. At Quit Stop Now, we have helped tens of thousands of Australians quit smoking and break their addiction to nicotine. Our goal is to help smokers from all over the world quit smoking and add years to their lives. Download our checklist and see if you are ready to quit. The Quit Stop Now checklist could be your first step to conquering your nicotine addiction.

Quit Smoking Checklist

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