What Are the Signs That You Are Ready to Quit Smoking?

Think about your next trip to the market. You need to pick up milk, eggs, juice, bread, and some deli meat and cheese. Don't forget the cigarettes. The tension starts to build up in your body. When you get to the cash register to pay, there is a small sigh because the cigarettes cost so much. You can think of many other things that you would like to spend your money on instead of tobacco. Alas, you are not sure how to quit. You have tried many things before, but nothing seems to work.

Today Is a New Day

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What we love about life is that each day is a new day. You get to start fresh and reinvent yourself. You can decide that today is the day you will do something positive for your health. You will get more information about quitting smoking. Within Australia, there are initiatives to help people with this task. For example, in January 2017, the Department of Health reiterated the importance of its plain packaging legislation. In a post-legislation review in 2016, the DOH found that its guidelines for packaging that doesn't appeal to se have put together a checklist for you to decide if you are ready to quit. mokers have begun to achieve some of their intended effects. They key is to make the packaging so unattractive that it won't encourage people to smoke.

You Can be Successful

Other studies have found that many smokers want to quit, but they are not successful in their attempts. We have put together a checklist for you to decide if you are ready to quit. There is the constant drain on your pocketbook, but there are also other factors to consider (i.e. compromising your lungs and shortening your lifespan). Your smoking habit may also affect the health of loved ones living in your household.  

For a free copy of our checklist, please click here. We hope you will contact us for more information.

Quit Smoking Checklist

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