Weird Ways Ex-Smokers Have Been Able to Successfully Quit

If you don't think you can handle the conventional methods of quitting smoking, there are plenty of other slightly unusual things that you can try. The good news about quitting cigarettes is that there is no one way you have to do it. Some people find success by quitting cold turkey while others rely on certain aides to get the job done. The important thing is that you find what is right for you. If you are still looking for the method that will work, take a look at these weird ways to quit smoking.

Maroon Yourself:

This isn't exactly the weirdest way to quit smoking (in fact, it's probably one of the most luxurious and most expensive), but it can definitely work for some people. If you have the financial means to do so, "maroon yourself" by vacationing on a tropical island for a set period of time. Strive to vacation on a relatively isolated, remote island far away from cigarette smoke with a very low population. Most people can't take off work for weeks at a time, but if you have something in your savings and a few vacation days to use up, book a flight to a tropical island and be a beach bum for a long weekend.


Acupuncture: Acupuncture isn't something that everyone is a fan of (after all, you are getting needles stuck in various parts of your body). Though the idea of being pricked with needles sounds painful, acupuncture is not. The ancient Chinese medicine practice is known to help a variety of health conditions including insomnia, anxiety, and a compromised immune system. And it turns out, it can actually help some people kick their nicotine habit. Again, it might not necessarily work for everyone, but it is worth trying a few times to see if any difference can be made. 



Make it a Date:

It sounds daunting, but many people have successfully quit smoking by doing it cold turkey. And part of what will help you do that is setting an official date. Whether it is in one week or one month, circle a date on your calendar that you plan to give up smoking for good. If you don't think you can handle doing it cold turkey, come up with a schedule for weaning yourself off the cigarettes. For example, the first week that you start quitting, you smoke X amount of cigarettes per day and by the second week, that number goes down. Continue doing that until you are finally no longer smoking. Make sure to draw up a little "quit smoking contract" for yourself and sign it in front of witnesses. 

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The Week Before You Quit, Keep Track of When You Smoke:

Have a date set to quit smoking. But the week before you officially plan to quit, keep track of what times you smoke. Have a little journal to record the times throughout the day that you break to smoke and what you were doing before your smoke break. By recording when you smoke, you can get a better sense of what might be triggering your cravings to smoke. You can also start to plan what you will do to fill up all of those times that you get the urge to light up. The week you finally begin to quit, have activities planned to fill up your time. Plan to meditate, do yoga, go to an exercise class, or snack on something healthy. 

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