Three Unexpected and Wonderful Benefits of Quitting Smoking

You hear it everywhere you look - TV commercials, advertisements in the grocery store, your doctor. Your loved ones tell you constantly how much better you will feel when you quit smoking. You know the common benefits of not smoking, but it's easier to say you'll quit, than to actually do it. If you're on the fence about quitting and need that extra nudge, these unexpected benefits of quitting smoking might be exactly what you need.

You'll Smell Better

You probably know smoking makes you stink, but did you know it also causes your sense of smell to decrease? Smoking damages your nerve endings, which affects your sense of smell and taste. After 48 hours, your nerve endings begin to improve, and this is when you'll realize how horrible you and other smokers smell. In fact, by this time you won't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. It may also improve your taste, allowing you to savor each bite.

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You'll Sleep Better

According to a study by the American College of Chest Physicians smoking can cause disruptions in sleep, making you feel tired and exhausted even after a full night's sleep. In other words, that cigarette you smoke before bed to relax is actually contributing to various factors that lead to nicotine withdrawals and restless sleep. When you stop smoking, you'll stop tossing and turning, and wake up with more energy than ever.


"...smoking can cause disruptions in sleep, making you feel tired and exhausted even after a full night's sleep."

You'll Live Better

Smoking, similar to any other addiction, controls your entire life. No matter what you're doing, the biggest thought running through your mind is always, about your next cigarette break. This not only harms your peace of mind but also your relationships. When you stop smoking, your mind will stop wandering and you'll finally be able to enjoy conversations, dinners, and hobbies without that nagging feeling of needing another drag.

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If improving your health isn’t enough reason to stop smoking, do it for the better smell, better sleep, and better life in general. Download this helpful checklist to see if you're ready to stop smoking.



Check out out checklist to see if you are ready to quit smoking.

(Number ten is of interest because it mentions that if you are cutting back, you are going longer and longer periods without smoking.)

Quit Smoking Checklist

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