The Connection Between Self-Doubt and Quitting Smoking

According to Mazlow's hierarchy of needs, we all crave emotional connections, including friendship and love. A recent post from the Sydney Morning Herald found that people have gotten so used to having a potential list of mates on apps like Tinder that they have developed unrealistic expectations for dating, feel burned out, and then tend to give less effort. This might be how you're feeling about the idea of quitting smoking, but there's still hope for you. Just follow the following principles: 

Clarify Your Values

Self-Doubt and Quitting Smoking do not mesh well. If you doubt yourself, it can be difficult to reach your goals. That's when you know that it's time to change your routines. If you are trying to reach the goal of smoking cessation, you could be holding yourself back by approaching the issue the wrong way. For example, you might not be eliminating your triggers. You might be looking at the cup as half-empty instead of half-full.  

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Move Past Ruts That Feel Like Personal Traps 

Adopting new ways of thinking can help people plagued by self-doubt to avoid stagnation. If you believe that you might achieve something, you're more likely to take the steps to get there. If you are stuck in a rut, you will do things that impede your progress. You might even say things to others that endanger opportunities right in front of you. When you set a goal for improving your health, it helps to devote time each week to working on it. For example, it's best to reduce or eliminate the triggers that make you want to smoke.

Make a Routine Out of an Action Plan

Some people have just enough self-doubt to prevent them from taking concrete actions in their daily lives. Others know they want to do something like find a partner, but they cannot imagine what the next stage looks like. They can't formulate the approach to realize that growth, such as accepting a date from an online service. If you've written an action plan for quitting smoking, then it must become part of your routine. If you need to lose weight, make time for preparing healthy meals and regular exercise. If you want a mate, get out there on the night scene.   

If your goal is to quit smoking, then it would really help to understand yourself better. What Type of Smoker are You?

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Reorganize Your Week and Your Daily Routine

People who have goals such as quitting smoking know that there isn't a single solution to most problems. They are constantly re-evaluating the factors that affect a situation. They focus on changing the things that are under their control. They also seek to influence others with the power to change the factors that they can't control. I want you to realize success in the near future, not keep living in a fantasy world. I suggest that you overcome self-doubt today. Don't keep saying you will do something. Start with that one thing you should be doing right now, reorganize your routine, and do it. Putting grown-up panties on feels great! Making excuses will never help you reach your goal. How do you wish to feel the next time you think about your goal?

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