How Australian Government is doing to Help Citizens Lose Weight?

Australians are finding it harder to keep their weight down. Citizens are calling on the government to develop a new obesity prevention policy.

Obesity is becoming a national epidemic in Australia. People who are overweight feel depressed, misunderstood and isolated from others. Many of them feel that there's more to a life they could be living if they had the energy and the appearance they desire. However, it's hard for them to make the dietary and lifestyle changes that would reverse the weight gain. This is understandable. The Australian popular landscape is full of temptations to continue in a lifestyle of ill-health.

The Toll Overweight is Taking

According to recent statistics, almost 25% of Australians are overweight. Many of them have been overweight since their younger years and have no idea how to change their situation. Many experienced things like bullying, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug abuse, cigarette smoking, and eating disorders throughout childhood.
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These experiences can leave an impression that lasts for a few years. Sometimes the effects can last for life. This is why it's so hard for many people who want to lose weight to lose it. There are many reasons why they are overeating. Each set of reasons is unique to every individual. Because of this, diet control and exercise increase will only come in a lasting way if the person addresses the underlying causes of his or her continued obesity. Many people mistakenly believe that comes from seeking outside or professional help. However, people will often find they can figure out their own problems and their motivations for overeating and work to change those specific reasons.

In addition to losing weight in a healthy manner, it's important to quit smoking and taking harmful substances in order to achieve optimum health.

What the Experts Feel

Australia's coalition of medical college presidents is working to coordinate a national plan to address weight lost. Many obese people in Australia feel the government should design a national program that allows citizens to have access to free resources that will help them lose weight.

Instead of relying totally on the government to come up with the strategy, the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges, (CPMC), went on to draft a 6-point plan in November 2016 they feel will effectively address Australia's problem with obesity. However, the Federal Government still hasn’t chimed in on whether it plans to take action and implement the drafted plan, create a new one or do nothing at all.

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CPMC members don't care whether the government uses their plan idea or not, so long as the government comes up with some kind of plan. It was just an idea they put out to get things moving in the right direction. Says Talley, "... we need something in place. It should be a national priority."

Health Minister Greg Hunt feels that it's crucial to address obesity and poor eating habits in children. He admits keeping, "… kids active and eating healthy food" can be a challenge.

Temptations Everywhere

Many obese Australians feel all this national attention is great. However, it does nothing to counter their urges for fast food burgers, trays of fries or other fried goodies. Takeaway and fast food is often a cheap, fast solution for busy Australians. However, the fat, sugar, carbs and calories add up fast. Australians can't work, shop or even spend time with loved ones without suffering from intense fast food cravings. In addition, healthy foods typically cost more.

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