Regina stops smoking and starts running!

Regina stopped smoking on the QSN™ Stop Smoking Program and re-ignited her love of running. (Replacing a bad habit for a healthy habit and all that!)

After only 2-weeks of saving the money she used to spend on cigarettes she bought herself a brand new pair of a well known brand's runners!


 Regina is now some 2-months+ smoke free and is in training for a 5km amateur competition!

And here are the runners, saved money bought her ... although we have worked out she could have bought 4+ pairs by now!!


2016 Update:

Regina stopped smoking back in November 2014, so recently celebrated 18-months smoke free.

"I look at my former self as a smoker and just think of all the money I'd spent over the years... what an absolute waste!"

She still runs and enjoys a much healthier lifestyle, going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and every now and then admits to very occasionally thinking about having a smoke, but has time has gone on, it's no longer something she identifies with or wants to go back to.

"I'm happy, healthier and have more money to spend on myself.  Life's pretty good in that regard."

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