Quitting Smoking: This is Your Journey

If you are considering quitting smoking, then take a look at our Checklist that you are ready to quit smoking. This list can help you focus on the upcoming task, and make it more meaningful and more successful. 

Quit Smoking Checklist

Depending on the type of habit that you have, the road to a smoke-free life is a different road for everyone. Have you been smoking since you were a teenager, or did you start smoking last year because you were trying to sell a big piece of real estate to a client who smoked? (By the way, just because you haven't been smoking very long doesn't mean that you have escaped addiction status.)

No matter what your motivation for starting smoking, it is the attitude that you have toward quitting that is of paramount importance at this fork in the road. I am reminded of a woman who was very happily married, and boasted that she and her husband had never had an argument. They had agreed to stop smoking together. (This was several years ago.)

She went and he denied 

She went to a group session for assistance. He denied that he needed help, and resolved to do it alone. The group that she went to prepared her very carefully over three weeks for that day when she put out her "last" cigarette. They had reviewed diet, exercise, things to do with your hands, information on cancer and emphysema, and vowed to give each other support. They met again two days later, and the group was predictably grouchy and ill-disposed. At the next regular meeting in a few days, our happily married friend announced that her husband had moved out of the house!

Did he leave...?

Don't panic, he moved back in, and they both quit smoking, but they didn't do it at the same time. He quit first, she adjusted to his changes, and she was able to successfully quit later. The important thing was their commitment to each other, and their commitment to quitting for everyone's sake and well-being. They are still devoted to their family, and their careers, but the details of their lives are subtly different.

When quitting smoking, there is no such thing as failure. Turn your "failures" into lessons every time you try to quit, making it more likely that the next time you quit you will be successful.

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