How to drop the habit without picking up the pounds!

Anyone with a bad habit knows they can be difficult to break. Smoking is, hands down, one of the leading causes of death in America.

So why don't we stop?

A lot of smokers have admitted that the reason they haven't quit smoking is that they're afraid of the weight gain that's often associated with quitting. Here are a few reasons quitting makes us gain weight.

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  • Nicotine is an appetite suppressant
  • Nicotine raises your metabolism
  • Your senses of taste and smell are heightened which makes you want to eat

When nicotine is removed from the equation the drug will no longer help suppress your cravings. This can be difficult; especially in the beginning. Keep in mind you're not alone and you have the power to beat this!


The benefits of quitting already greatly outweigh any negative side effects of quitting smoking. If the main reason you haven't quit is the fear of picking up the pounds, you may be happy to learn there are alternatives for controlling cravings and metabolism.

Your body is a magical system. A well-oiled machine. Your body has the miraculous ability to repair itself. Sometimes the best option for healing a part of it, is to work on it as a whole. The body knows what it has to do to make itself better. Sometimes we find ways to help hurry the process.


There are natural ways of quitting smoking. Methods such as meditation, acupuncture, diet, natural supplements, hypnosis, and other holistic methods have helped many people kick this deadly habit.

You can learn ways to work with your body and have it work better for you. You and your loved ones deserve a future with you in it. Please do not let the fear of gaining weight stop you from being a healthier you.

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