How Smoking and Second-Hand Smoke Increase Risk for Stroke

With each cigarette, you increase the likelihood of getting a stroke. Smokers are not the only ones at risk of getting a life-threatening disease; they will also affect the people around them

Stroke and Smoking

Smoking, combined with diet and lifestyle, is part of the cause of various deadly illnesses. One of the diseases that a smoker must be aware of is stroke; this occurs when a clogged blood vessel (ischaemic stroke) fails to deliver blood to the brain or bleeds (haemorrhagic stroke). This causes part of the brain to die and lose function on that particular side. A stroke may cause death or affect certain functions like movement of body parts, vision and communication.

Smoking affects the body in ways such as:

  1. Lower good cholesterol
  2. Damage cells lining blood vessels
  3. Increase plaque build up
  4. Causes blood vessels to narrow or thicken

These risk factors not only increase the likelihood of stroke, but may also cause heart disease.

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Second Hand Smoke

Smokers are not the only ones affected by their habit; inhaling second-hand smoke will also increase the possibility of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. When a person breathes in second-hand smoke, it may interfere with the normal functions of the blood, vascular systems and the heart. It may also damage lining of blood vessels, which result in stickier blood.


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