Exercise as'Replacement Crutch' to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Sometimes the only thing you can do to not smoke is eat. While there are worse replacement crutches like drinking alcohol, or getting splinters in your esophagus from gnawing on wooden toothpicks know that you don't have to replace one vice with another. There are safer, more productive, even healthy alternatives to offset smoking.   


The most obvious choice is exercise. If you're going to stop an unhealthy habit that takes years off your life, why not replace it with a healthy one that does the opposite? Especially when the replacement can prevent the weight gain that often follows smoking cessation!   

The web is full of testimonies praising exercise as a replacement for tobacco. Science has the explanation. Exercise causes the release of endorphins, which create a feel-good, pain-free morphine-like high. It is, in a word, addictive. The other half of the explanation is psychological. Replacing one habit with another helps transition from the comfort of one routine to another.  shutterstock_1011462493.jpg

Like any addiction, over-exercising can be counterproductive to good health. You can strain muscles and wear out joints. And like any physical task, exercise should be pursued with good form and in safe conditions.   

Start out with a jog, or a few intervals of sprinting. Knock out some push ups and a dozen crunches. Any time you feel the need for a cigarette, hit the deck for another set.  


Ramp up the effort with new challenges:

  • During every TV commercial, do 25 jumping jacks
  • Before every meal, do 50 calf raises
  • Before getting in the shower, do 25 toe touch-sky reaches
  • At every stop light, flex your entire body for as long as you can (or until the light turns)
  • Every morning hit the pavement, even for just a city block to start


In time, you will feel better, look better, and speed up the recovery time your body would have to go through after quitting smoking anyway.  Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight is possible. 

The best time to quit smoking is yesterday, but today will do just fine. And we can help. Visit us online to learn more and download now our new e-book "13 Seldom Talked about Smoking Triggers" today.

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