The Amazing Things That Happen to Your Body When You Quit Smoking

The biggest and most obvious reason for why people quit smoking cigarettes is because of their health. A person simply cannot be healthy, no matter how good their diet is or how often they workout, if they are smokers. The effects of smoking are horrifying and deadly, and though this is a well-know fact, it's often quite difficult to quit. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to make your journey easier. One such thing is arming yourself with new information related to smoking. In this post, we will take a look at four amazing things that happen to your body when you quit smoking. And knowing these things could help motivate you and inspire you to keep moving forward with a smoke-free life

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1) Rate And Blood Pressure Go Down: Positive things begin to happen to your body as soon as two hours after your last cigarette. In fact according to the CDC, after only twenty minutes your heart rate will start to drop to a normal, healthy level. However, after two hours, your heart rate will be almost completely normal as well as your blood pressure. Circulation will also already begin to improve and you may start to feel warmth in your extremities because of the properly functioning circulation. It should be noted that though these positive things are happening, you may be distracted by withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, sleeplessness, and intense cravings. 


2) The Nicotine in Your Body Starts to go Away: After just 72 hours of not smoking a cigarette, the nicotine levels in your body will be almost completely depleted. As a general caveat, it is helpful to know that this drop in nicotine can lead to some irritating withdrawal symptoms. Be prepared for such things as cravings, anxiety, and agitation. You can combat these negative attributes with exercise, proper nutrition, and recommended measures that you can implement to help make quitting more successful for you.


3) Your Body Ramps up The Regenerative Process: Your body is a tremendous, self-healing machine and this becomes especially apparent in people as they go through their journey of giving up smoking. After just a few weeks of living smoke-free, many regenerative processes will start up throughout your body. The American Heart Association says that within a two to three week period your lungs will begin to repair themselves and start performing as they should. Additionally, your circulation will improve too. You will find that physical activities are less taxing after few weeks without cigarettes. When you run or perform some other physical activity, you will experience greater endurance and stamina. lungs chain smoking.jpg

4) Your Lungs Heal Themselves: Smoking is a severely detrimental addiction that targets so many parts of the body. And it is no secret that the lungs take a big hit when a person is a smoker. The good news for those who quit is that within one to nine months after quitting, the lungs will actively begin repairing themselves. During the time that you have quit, your lungs will be able to produce more cilia which are organelles that are needed to protect the lungs from infection. When your lungs produce a healthy amount of new cilia, they will be able to function optimally and keep you healthier overall. 

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